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Mutiara Water Chalet II 8 Units [ Feature]

Mutiara Water Chalet II 8 Units
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FEATURES [Buy at Marketplace click here]

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-Use sculpted prim [how to set LOD click here]
-16.5 Meters tall
-Structures and Full Furnished 501 prims
-73x64m Base/Footprint and 64X64m Base/Footprint.
-73x64m Base[479 prims] 64x64m Base [501 prims]for version 2.0
-Capacity for 8 rent able Units
- windows Controlled[bed room],2 Balconies every Unit
-Included Auto send welcome note , so you can keep track of who enters the building

-Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system
-Metaverse TV

-Metaverse TV Free Television.but you can replace your  own TV too.
-RADIO with 12 channels [full perm script]
-Sex Bed/blanket with 74 animation pose.
- table
-sofa with 4 animation poses[color change able]
-New Shower room [version 2.0]
-new-on/off shower,sound with4 animation pose.
-balcony chair 4 pose
-stair case
-Rental Bot v1.5[new]
-bridge walk way
-on/off lighting
-on/off lighting and fan [bed room]
-Coconut tree

-Comes fully copy able and Modify able
-Except some script and animation pose can not modify
-New, Modern, and original Architecture
-No refunds on Copyable Items.

How to rez the water chalet & HOW TO LOCK THE DOOR

How to rez the chalet use Auto-Rez Faux System

1) Take out [Rez-Water Chalet II] (Package Crate)from your invertory
put it at your land center ( where do you want to put your House.)

2) Click on the Package Crate and select 'Rez'.

3) Edit the Package Crate and move it to adjust the location of the build.

4) Click on 'Derez' to put the build away(delete) or

5) click 'Save' to lock that build into place. Once it is saved, it cannot be moved again
or Derezed.

NOTE: If you do not 'Save' a build you have 'Rez'ed it will disappear when the Package Crate is removed. Be sure to 'Save' when finished in order to conserve sim resources,


left-click the door and hold over the door. After a few short moments
your setup menu will appear.
Lock/Unlock --> Locks and Unlocks the door
NO ONE can open a locked door


left-click the door and hold over the door. After a few short moments
your setup menu will appear.
Add/Delete --> Add or Delete persons from your private user and owner list
Users are then added with /99 u+Avatar Name
Owners with /99 o+Avatar Name
Users are deleted with /99 u-Avatar Name
Owners are deleted with /99 o-Avatar Name
Owners get FULL configuration menu access
Users can ONLY lock/unlock and closeon/closeoff doors
Both Users and Owners have access to "Private" doors
The actual door owner is ALWAYS allowed Owner access, and need not be listed

For more detail click here

Rentals Bot setting

Property rental system

by Litith Hermit.

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watch Video :-

# 100% mesh
# manager tier payment or lease
# rent by weekly
# use Menu Driven to setup [click HELP to get the help note card]
# after rent out ,the board will change color from green to red...For Rent to Occupied.
# after rez the rental bot .you have to reset the script .then start setup.

***How setup the Price/week/prim***

[use chat commands]
please click and enable editmode rental before typing commands!!!

set price ? | sets price of space to whatever ? is
[Example] set price 256? is

set weeks ? | sets weeks to whatever ? is
[Example] set weeks 5? is

set prims ? | sets prims to whatever ? is
[Example] set prims 25? is

set offset ? | sets info box offset to whatever ? is
[Example] set offset <129>? is

set renter ? | sets name of renter to whatever ? is
[Example] set renter Jaens Ah? is

set rentedfor ? | sets how long rented for in days:hours:mins:seconds this info is put where ? is
[Example] set rentedfor 5day:4hours: 20mins:20second? is

renters can now pay for extra weeks while in use
displayed exact time left to renters and owner 

photo gallery

Click the photo to enlarge

How to set better view from far distance for sculpted prim

start 5

Shower Room

BALI Style-shower room-Lavatory

by huang Wiranata

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#100% mesh
# all in 6 land Impacts
    [Toilet bowl,toilet seat,basin,tap,mirror,shower head set,
      on/off switch ,wall,ceiling,floor tile,stone and shampoo display]
# size in  L5.5m x W3.7 x4.8ht
# 4 animation pose for shower,
# 4 animation poses for toilet bowl
# 3 animation poses for Sink.
# On/Off switch for shower water .
# open/close for  toilet seat.
# Use driven menu for this 11 poses.
# including all the texture/shadow and Bump map[in full perm]
# all the script and  poses is in copy version

Metaverse TV

How to Use Metaverse TV Free Television

 This is a web based interface designed to play several live channels, video on demand, games, magazines and more. You can also watch videos from the popular video sites YouTube, blip.tv, livestream, justin.tv, ustream and more.
Included is 19 television designs plus a HUD version that can be worn without anyone knowing what your watching and you can cross sim borders.
These are free, give them a try.
We repeat, these used shared media which means they do not have any scripts. Also there is a possible glitch with flash if it was installed from an Internet Explorer Browser. If you are in Viewer 2+ and can not get these tvs working, redownload Adobe Flash using Firefox or Chrome and reinstall. These work perfectly well so if you cannot get them to work please do not negatively rate this item because you cannot read or have technical problems.

Visit us on the web at    www.metaversetv.com